By Dayton Campbell-Harris

Introduction: The Washington International Law Journal is proud to present this special-edition issue: “A Global Reckoning: Answering Calls for Change.” Combating racism and majority-group supremacy in all its forms is always necessary. This was true before the Black Lives Matter demonstrations last summer, and it will remain true long after this special-edition issue is published. As our authors illustrate, much work remains in our great struggle for human dignity and equity. But you cannot solve a problem that is unseen. This issue helps illuminate those wrongs. It exposes racism’s different forms, examines how racism became embedded in our systems of power and extends some solutions going forward. In particular, this special-edition issue offers paths for private actors to follow in support of historically marginalized communities across the world, and in the United States. Only once “[t]he comfortable, the entrenched, the privileged,” stop “trembl[ing] at the prospect of change,” will equity be achieved for us all.

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